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BubbaSam Again, WELCOME to our website and THANK YOU for visiting. is wholly owned and operated by BubbaSam (who else?), a retiring Vietnam Veteran that has lived all over the United States and has bad knees (mostly from motorcycle racing)... need I say more? So needless to say... not only am I the owner but a client as well!

I've been building custom walking stiks since 2003, over 14 years... and since that time we've also grown our offerings to enhance your best friend, the walking stik. We just couldn't see walking around with a piece of aluminum or some plain ole' lookin' piece of wood. Our goal was to create beautiful and unique walking stiks, yet allow YOU to put YOUR finishing touches on them. We believe we've done just that.

Please... take some time and look around. Build something Special... and add a little class when you're "Stepin' Out"

We believe you'll find what you're looking for. And... if by chance you don't, please drop me an

Warmest regards,

Ever wonder what our facilities looked like?

I'll bet you thought we were in some hi-tech manufacturing facility with lots of glass, chrome and shiny floors. Well, if you did then you guessed wrong. The pictures below are actually where I custom build and package ALL of the Hand Built Custom Stiks that's offered on this site!
Click on Graphc To Magnify and Reduce Headquarters - Picure 1 Headquarters - Picure 2
Add Some Class When You're STEPIN' OUT!
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